Working Out Loud, or WOL for short, represents an outward-looking, collaborative way of working and informal learning within networks. In addition, WOL stands for an open, participative attitude to working together transparently and supportively in networks, and learning from and with each other. The Working Out Loud Circle method enables you to work and learn in this way and to develop the necessary attitude. This is a peer-coaching programme in which the participants get together in so-called WOL Circles, consisting of four to five people, achieve a self-chosen learning goal over twelve weeks and solve various tasks together.

WOL is based on five key elements: 1. Relationships, 2. Visible Work, 3. Generosity, 4. Growth Mindset, 5. Purposeful Discovery.

If you’d like to learn how to network in a structured and targeted way and become more confident in using networking and collaboration platforms, WOL is almost without alternative, even in a corporate context.