Katharina Krentz Monika Struzek Sophie Rickmann

Katharina Krentz Monika Struzek Sophie Rickmann. Where there is a Katha, a Moni and a Sophie – there is a solution: networking people.



Moni & Katha

Where there’s a Moni and a Katha, there’s a solution. And because we like to master challenges, new topics and even critical situations with a large dose of optimism and humour, fun is guaranteed! We’ve been working together in co-creation mode since 2015: first at Bosch, and now at Connecting Humans. We’re both driven by a desire to connect people in order to achieve more together, and to effectively harness all individual potentials and competences. #BetterTogether


Sophie & Katha

Not searched for but immediately found describes it most aptly: after Katha’s move to Hamburg, Sophie was the first person she lost her heart to besides the city. Since then we are one heart and soul: as friends, soulsisters and at work, which includes more and more common topics like the passion for WOL, WOL #FrauenStärken, Female Empowerment, Social Media and Personal Branding. What we tackle together succeeds with a lot of passion, heart and soul, motivation, creativity, and implementation power. Because that’s what drives the both of us: Connecting people and making them visible, trusting in our own strengths and bringing them into networks. #BetterTogether


We are backed by
a strong network

Networks are full of resources, ideas and exciting opportunities. We’re not necessarily the right people for every single topic, or sometimes we simply don’t have capacity. But that’s not a problem: we have some great contacts and are happy to recommend them.



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How can we support you? We offer help and advice, keynotes and lectures, workshops and training sessions. And we can either come to you in person or meet digitally. We are Connecting Humans. #BetterTogether