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Connecting Humans WOL. A learning and growth programme. Sharing knowledge and experience, growing together for a strong we.


We must want to WOL –

and we can and we should!

Connecting Humans wouldn’t exist without Working Out Loud (WOL). And we don’t even want to know what else wouldn’t exist without WOL! WOL has become a movement and participants from all over the world can be reached via this unique network. Many German companies also use the various WOL programmes to promote issues such as collaboration, employee networking, diversity and innovation, to name just a few of the method’s applications.

WOL is a programme that helps us to network, to share knowledge and experience and, above all, to learn. However, it’s not purely a learning programme, but rather a personal growth programme. We firmly believe that when individuals grow and network, a strong “we” emerges. 

Using WOL, we train new communication habits. And yes, even experienced WOLlies continue to do this, because new ways and platforms to exchange ideas are constantly emerging. There’s no alternative to lifelong learning – and the best way to learn is through experimentation together with others in a protected space, no?

Below, you can discover more about the individual WOL programmes we offer – and for which we provide continuous support and guidance.

The WOL Circle method

If you’d like to experience WOL, we recommend starting with the WOL Circle method. Over 12 weeks, you will work on an individual learning goal in a WOL Circle, build a diverse network around this goal and develop personally. The focus is on building networking, digital and communication skills, as well as self-reflection and gaining clarity about your own goals and competences.

WOL #FrauenStärken

If you’ve already read a lot about WOL #FrauenStärken (Female Empowerment) in the media and are intrigued, you should take a look at this page. Our public and guided WOL programmes have been designed especially for women, and all those who either want to strengthen women or their own “feminine” qualities (such as empathy, resilience, confidence, etc.).

for Teams

WOL for Teams is a programme that is primarily aimed at virtual teams that share a common task in their day-to-day business – it isn’t for teams that have only come together to experience WOL. For those who have been working together for a long time, are new to the team or whose job it is to welcome new team members, our programme is perfect!

for Leader

WOL for Leaders is a one-on-one mentoring programme for those who are interested in WOL, but would prefer a one-on-one approach and/or don’t have time to join a Circle. Here, a guided exchange of experience takes place between a seasoned WOLlie and a WOL-newbie. The aim is to convey WOL principles, networking mechanisms and the relevance of visibility.


From grassroots to a global network

Sharing and developing knowledge

The term “Working Out Loud” (WOL) was coined by the American Bryce Williams. In 2010, the IT specialist described WOL in his blog When will we Work Out Loud? Soon! using the following equation: Working Out Loud = Observable Work + Narrating Your Work.

According to this formula, Working Out Loud is about making our work visible via knowledge platforms (e.g. an internal wiki) and talking about it using transparent, dialogue-enabling tools such as social media. It’s not about collecting knowledge, but instead about sharing it with each other, discussing it and subsequently developing it further. This exchange creates networks that are an indispensable part of learning, innovation and personal development for a new kind of collaboration.

Using this approach, the American John Stepper developed today’s WOL Circle method based on these five elements:

  • Relationships
  • Visible Work
  • Generosity
  • Growth Mindset
  • Purposeful Discovery

Find out exactly how the method works here!

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