Connecting Humans WOL for Teams

Connecting Humans WOL for Teams. For virtual teams. In 8 weeks, your team will get to know each other really well and work well together.


WOL for Teams

Working collaboratively and innovatively

WOL for Teams is a programme that is primarily aimed at virtual teams that share a common task in their day-to-day business – it isn’t for teams that have only come together to experience WOL. For those who have been working together for a long time, are new to the team or whose job it is to welcome new team members, our programme is perfect! Working closely with WOL founder John Stepper, we based this programme on the famous Google Aristotle study that revealed the secrets behind high-performance teams. And we think it’s a real shame that Google never used its findings to develop a practical training course!

If you’d like to immerse yourself in the topics of virtual team building and team performance, we’d recommend the following prerequisites:

  • a team of 3 to 10 people 
  • a period of 8 weeks to dedicate yourself and your team to the programme
  • Time for 1.5-hour weekly meetings, plus around 30 minutes of preparation time

How does your organisation benefit?

  • You’ll learn that virtual team building is indeed possible! Over the 8 weeks, a psychologically safe space will be created that forms the basis for creativity, innovation and performance. Your team will get to know each other much better and the strengths and needs of all individuals will be discovered.
  • Collaboration at eye level, team decision-making and open, trust-based communication will be experienced, practised and thus firmly anchored.
  • WOL strengthens collaborative and innovative behaviour among managers and employees, thereby contributing to a trust-based and future-oriented corporate culture.

Working Out Loud for Teams

Open Program
March 21st – May 23th, 2023

Working Out Loud
for Teams

Open Program
March 21st – May 23th, 2023

Working Out Loud
for Teams

WOL for teams - open program 2023

Are you curious and would like to try out WOL for teams with a team first? Then register for our open program. The program will take place once in German and once in English, if > 5 teams register.

Price per participating team: 2.750 EUR

Team size: 5 – 10 persons

If your team consists of more than 10 people, you can participate in the program with 2 teams and divide the participants accordingly.

The dates are already fixed (!) and will take place as follows:

Dates for the program:

Pit Stop:
Final events: 

21.03. from 18-19 o’clock
25.04. from 18-19 o’clock
23.05. from 18-19 o’clock

Kick-Off: 21.03. from 18-19 o’clock
Pit Stop: 25.04. from 18-19 o’clock
Final events: 23.05. from 18-19 o’clock

It is important that the majority of participants can attend all three program events to ensure a good cross-company and cross-team exchange.

You need more information about the program? For this we offer short info events on 24.01. and 21.02:

08 a.m. (German)
6 p.m. (English)

If you want to participate in the info events and/or the program, please send us an e-mail to wol@connecting-humans.net.

ATTENTION: Registration deadline for the program is 10.03.2023, as it will start on 21.03.2023. Remember your internal processes such as purchasing 😊

Program calendar 2023


Effective teamwork that’s fun

Do you have a team that hasn’t yet reached its full potential? Do you have a new focus and therefore a new team? Or a new colleague in your team? And would you like to learn how this team can become Connected Humans? Then please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!