Connecting Humans WOL for Leaders

Connecting Humans WOL for Leaders. 1:1 mentoring programme for those who want to get involved with WOL but have little time.


WOL for Leaders

Personal Mentoring

WOL for Leaders is a one-on-one mentoring programme for those who are interested in WOL, but would prefer a one-on-one approach and/or don’t have time to join a Circle. Here, a guided exchange of experience takes place between a seasoned WOLlie and a WOL-newbie. The aim is to convey WOL principles, networking mechanisms and the relevance of visibility.

The programme guides you through ten steps. The idea is to expand your digital networking skills in a practical way and, for example, to discover and learn how to harness exciting communities for professional exchange as well as other resources in the virtual space.

Here are the key elements:

  • 10 steps overall, with 1 step of 30 minutes each week
  • to be followed at your own pace 
  • 1:1 mentoring in a protected space

(Reverse) Mentoring

WOL follows a total of five principles, including relationships, generosity and visible work. These three principles are particularly relevant in WOL for Leaders, since this programme focuses on developing strong relationships and sharing knowledge generously in order to make one’s work visible.

Here, reverse mentoring refers to an exchange of roles – as is the case with classic mentoring: it’s not the older person who passes on his or her experience to the younger person, but rather a two-way knowledge transfer; since the younger generations have grown up in a digital world.


Visibility in public spaces

Why is visibility important? Simple: it enables us to network and exchange ideas so that we can master the challenges of the future together. Would you like to become more visible, but don’t have time to join a WOL Circle? Then do get in touch with us, we’d be happy to support you in an alternative way!