Connecting Humans Sophie Rickmann

Connecting Humans Sophie Rickmann. A creative spirit, quickly enthusiastic and, above all, very versatile.


Hi, I‘m Sophie,

a creative spirit, quickly enthusiastic about new topics and above all very versatile. I am by heart an event manager. I love those magic moments that make an event special and people happy.

My path has taken me from event over project management and the further education and training sector to strategic corporate development and innovation management. It’s easy for me to dig deep into different and new contexts, industries and products, and I’m thrilled to think up new and ever-changing approaches and to bring them into life. Through my part-time studies to become a business psychologist, I have further deepened my knowledge around people in order to focus my thoughts and actions even more specifically and to take their experience, behaviour and social contexts even better into account in my work.

This and my passion for social media led me to my focus on market, media and advertising psychology. I in general think holistically, fill topics with my passion and always act with a focus on sustainability and profitability within all activities and projects I take on.


My Why?

Inspiration for others

With my positive energy I want to inspire others to see the world with different eyes, to feel optimism and to be courageous for themselves, for society and for the community. In this so fast moving and changing time, the support by others and the connection with each other is the true currency. Above all, people who share the same interests and points of view prove helpful in all walks of life, especially networks, communities and peer groups.

I am a trained social media manager and my focus in this topic is always the person as well as his or her individually fitting visibility. Because visibility is not a “one fits all” concept, it is a “trust, trial and error” concept. In the past, I always admired the way my older colleagues and managers “networked”. It seemed very easy and did not correspond to what I experienced for myself.

Today I know that it is possible and can be learned through practice and experience. I am interested in my environment and I connect people, stories and experiences with each other. I live Connecting Humans.


10 facts about me

A well-known WOL exercise is to share ten facts about yourself.

Here are 10 facts about me:



Optimist to the power of 2.


Berlin city girl by heart.


Aesthete meets structure, my closet and also my bookshelf are sorted by colour.


Boxing, flying pilates, and much more. I try out almost every kind of sport.


Better a festival by day than a party at night.


I like to go to events where I don’t know many people.


Social Media always attracts me to rabbit hole, too.


 I continually transform my entire household to more sustainability.


There are always at least 2 books on my shelf that I read in parallel.


Pragmatic visionary.


Make the topics that are close to my heart your own?

Or would you like to hear and experience more? Then please get in touch!