Connecting Humans Monika Struzek

Connecting Humans Monika Struzek. Building and expanding networks, becoming visible, working together in a network, learning from and with each other.


Hi, I’m Moni.

What defines me as a person? Unbridled curiosity about everything and everyone, a pronounced social vein, and the need to leave the world in a slightly better state than I found it.

My CV contains a few twists and turns – an aborted theology degree, a bachelor’s degree in English and political science, then a master’s in media and communications management, a divorce and a sabbatical… Yet, each of these steps has brought me closer to myself, as I have learned something from all my experiences, and this is the most important thing for me.


My Why?

Networks – open for all!

Born in a country at a time where nepotism was the order of the day, for a long time I viewed networks as something negative: they had this undertone of exclusion and selfishness – I build a network so that I can benefit from it. That’s not my thing. However, I have since learned that networks can also be different – open to everyone and oriented towards a higher goal – and that I can contribute a lot to my network.

Networks are also becoming increasingly important in our professional lives – I need to know who can do the things that I can’t do. This is why I want to help people to feel comfortable in networks – both digital and analogue. And I want people to have fun – to feel seen, to be able to contribute their strengths, and to find meaning in what they do.


10 facts about me

A well-known WOL exercise is to share ten facts about yourself.

Here are 10 facts about me:



Creative all-rounder – always ready to try my hand at something new.


Pronounced weakness for languages, even those that are not spoken.


Born in Poland, grew up in Baden, now happily living in Swabia.


Bookworm – my bookcase contains around 400 books, but I have read a lot more.


Realistic optimist – since we have to think, why not think positively?


Passionate (and good) cook – when it comes to switching off, there’s nothing better than cooking and eating with loved ones.


Sun and sea recharge my empty batteries in a matter of seconds.


Crazy ideas are my speciality.


Nerdy by nature.


Empathetic intellectual – I want to understand what holds the world together at its core.


Make the topics that are close to my heart your own?

Or would you like to hear and experience more? Then please get in touch!