Connecting Humans Katharina Krentz

Connecting Humans Katharina Krentz. Building and expanding networks, becoming visible, working together in a network.


Hey! I’m Katha.

I still find it difficult to be in the spotlight. Or, in other words:

It looks easy, but it drains my energy. Can you relate? What gives me energy is the joy and satisfaction of knowing that I am really changing something for the better through my work.

And interestingly, this is particularly the case when I address topics that have helped me personally, that have enriched and simplified my life. Examples include building and expanding networks, becoming visible, working collaboratively in a network, and learning from and with others. My crowning achievement is to have led networks and co-creation teams, without any disciplinary power, but instead purely with enthusiasm and passion for the topics at hand and the participants.

I have personally tried and tested everything that I teach, and I am constantly developing my experience and teachings. I believe that it only makes sense to pass on to others what actually works in practice.


My Why?

A “what for”!

Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” book has also had a strong influence on me. However, I would replace his “Why” with “What for?”: what am I doing all this for? What do I get up in the morning for? So, what is it that drives, inspires and motivates me? Put simply: I want people to see and take the same opportunities for themselves that I have done. I believe that it only makes sense to pass on to others what actually works in practice.

Perhaps people who are in the same place that I once was: in the second row, invisible, not being listened to and thus not effective. Because people like me don’t usually become visible. Yet they can do with the help of a strong, diverse network that empowers and protects in equal measure.

Interconnected work, leadership and learning is only possible if we are visible in our daily work. Visible with our potential and our talents. Visibility does not mean being loud or active on social media every day. No: visibility means being ourselves and being effective.

We should be proud of our individuality, our personal story and our abilities: these are what make us unique. And only with this uniqueness can we work, lead and learn effectively in a network.

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#10facts #WOL

10 facts about me

A well-known WOL exercise is to share ten facts about yourself.



My full name is Katharina Anne Sophie Krentz (born Perschke).


Franconian, but without an accent as I have been living in Lower Saxony for over 10 years.


Travelling cosmopolitan, having lived in Africa, the USA, China, India and Germany.


Actively live in the here and now – I never postpone dreams (my father only lived to be 50).


Overcome boundaries and break down barriers, there’s no such thing as impossible > Growth Mindset.


Epicurean, wine, gin and chocolate lover. I love eating, but not cooking.


Stare into the forest or at bodies of water for rest and stress relief.


Dancing and fitness / sport to recharge my batteries.


Will drop everything for Kaiserschmarrn (a sweet pancake-based dessert, originally from Austria)!


I am a cheerful optimist, I can find something good in everyone and everything.




Make the topics that are closest to my heart your own?

Or would you like to hear and experience more? Then please get in touch!