Connecting Humans Interconnected Learning

Connecting Humans Interconnected Learning. Learning from and with each other in a network is indispensable for the future viability of us all. Knowledge becomes more when it is shared.


Interconnected Learning

To be able to successfully navigate the future, network members must learn from and with each other. This is because it’s important to bring together theoretical knowledge and experiential knowledge, i.e. practically applied knowledge that has been tested in practice, and to make it usable at any time, wherever it’s needed. Knowledge increases when it’s shared, and it should be shared openly and transparently, especially in companies. However, this is still not a matter of course, and many people have yet to discover how it can work.

Working Out Loud (WOL)

The purpose of WOL is not only to achieve a personal goal by learning from and with others, but also to grow towards that goal. It’s a self-learning approach to develop digital skills and to increase networking and social media competence. Perfect for the future! It requires not only a suitable toolset and skillset, but above all an open and curious mindset.

WOL is all about transparent, open collaboration in networks and is considered a success strategy for our increasingly digitalised and interconnected professional lives. To work in the WOL way, we need to be open and ready to learn, have personal networks and develop new communication habits. And there should be a conscious exchange of knowledge and ideas for the benefit of both the individual and the entire network.

Working Out Loud is a way of working, an attitude and a skill at the same time.