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Connecting Humans – Interconnected Leadership. The process of social influence brings together the power of all participants to achieve a goal.


Interconnected leadership

Interconnected leadership is not only a matter of finding your way in our VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) and disciplining your team, but it also involves accepting the world as it is: countering volatility with networking, uncertainty with openness, complexity with participation and ambiguity with agility.

This sounds highly theoretical and it’s also only one side of the coin: the other side is leading both oneself and others as a human being – in an open and dynamic, people-oriented process.

We view leadership like Kevin Kruse does: “Leadership is a process of social influence that brings together the strengths of all participants in order to achieve a goal.” And for us, this works excellently at eye level within and together with a strong, diverse network.

“I see you, and what do you need?” – Seeing leadership as a dynamic process

Our specialty is not classical leadership with rigid roles and responsibilities, but rather the leadership within and of networks: leading with enthusiasm, motivation and purpose – based on a positive understanding of human nature. We are thoroughly convinced that when people are in a psychologically safe environment where they feel comfortable and valued, they contribute everything they are capable of and everything they know. People should be allowed to experiment, develop and grow beyond themselves again and again.

What we achieve when we succeed:

  • In our capacity as experts in our topics, we feel at ease in virtual networks and communicate respectfully at eye level.
  • We organise our collaborations openly and with agility, and always together as a team. We conduct meetings and events with confidence and encourage participants to become actively involved.
  • We place our trust in people and in our work. Pragmatism and goal orientation are our focus, so that all participants have the opportunity to learn. Whether on a digital platform or together at a workshop venue, we are always open and provide appreciative feedback, which of course is never a one-way street.

What others say about our leadership style

We invited Katharina Krentz to be a keynote speaker at an event for 70 executives – most of whom didn’t know Katharina Krentz or WOL beforehand. Their feedback was characterised by superlatives and included the words “exceptional” and “inspiring”. What was special about the keynote was the fact that it contained a fundamentally different way of looking at leadership, and thus set a strong impulse that not only had a significant and positive impact on the event itself, but also on the long term. What Katharina can do with her words and her charisma is truly unique and special. I have known Katharina Krentz since 2018 and have met her at numerous presentations, workshops, etc. From the very start, I was inspired by her charisma, presence and approachability. She has a competence in WOL that is close to genius, excellent know-how on effective cooperation and leadership, and she knows how to implement this with a lot of empathy and sympathy in a future-oriented way. She is a different-thinking doer and shaper – disciplined and inspiring with a strong personality! I recommend Katharina Krentz with complete and utter confidence.

Margarete Jäger

CEO, Head of HR, Autorin Futureskills for Leadership


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