WOL Female Empowerment

WOL Female Empowerment. We as women network and strengthen ourselves. With each new #WomenStrengths round, more great people become part of the team.


Female Empowerment

A movement with > 4,500 members, mainly women

It’s March 2020 and it feels as though the entire world is becoming unhinged from one day to the next: we no longer go anywhere and instead we’re learning more about the R number and incidence rates than we ever wanted to. And overnight, we’ve had to redevelop well-rehearsed daily routines. One thing I’ve quickly realised: a lot of things are left up to women.

Small idea. Big effect!

My (Katha) idea: we as women network and strengthen each other. I too have only become so strong through networking. And I wanted to share this thought with you during these difficult times that we are all living through.

Since 2015, that’s been my main focus at Bosch: with Working Out Loud (WOL), I connect people around the world. No sooner said than done – as always when I can’t get an idea out of my head. I bring order to creative chaos. And with each new #FrauenStärken round, more great people become part of the co-creation team.

Because I prefer to work with others, I have gathered a team of volunteers around me: Moni, with whom I have already worked in the WOL Co-Creation Team at Bosch and who enjoys getting to grips with new topics; Jeannette, who has rocked many a communication campaign as a marketing expert; and personal assistant Sandra, who puts her heart and soul into keeping an overview and bringing order to creative chaos.

Each of these women brings her own strengths to the table. And together with twelve role models and seven large German women’s networks, we are promoting our cause: organising, communicating, tinkering, planning, swearing from time to time and looking forward to the kick-off!

So where do these approx. 4,500 women come from? From our networking!

Our latest program: the #FrauenStärken Leadership Edition - for leaders and those who want to become leaders soon.

Even today, women in particular who are entering leadership or already hold leadership positions are still asking themselves: am I leading in a way that reflects my values and my strengths? Or am I playing a role because I haven’t yet found my way as a leader. The #FrauenStärken program fills exactly this gap. Each participant learns in small personal groups, on their own leadership goals and expands their network at the same time. The program is recommended for the further development of one’s own leadership personality or to prepare for this role – Simply become a good leader faster.

Same idea, new content and a very specific target group: we are launching our newest program in March 2023. An interactive learning journey to empower you in your role as a leader. So that you can lead yourself, others and your business powerfully, based on your individual strengths.

Join other leaders across organizations on a 12-week learning journey. In mastermind groups of 4-5 people you will learn important tools and methods from everyday leadership. At the same time, everyone works on their own leadership goals and topics.


What others are saying about WOL #FrauenStärken

WOL is a commitment to and an investment in yourself. Have the courage to be effective!

- anonym -

The media mix of Circle Guide, videos/audios, reflective questions, Circle meetings and pit stops is MEGA! A great structure for the learning journey, it was the perfect input/output mix for me!

- anonym -

I feel empowered and no longer corona-lonely!

- Lilian Gehrke-Vetterkind -

I look forward to #confidence, #cohesion and #What’sYetToCome.
Who, if not us?
When, if not now? Achieving more together!

- anonym -

Very close connections can also develop digitally. Strangers become friends.

- Alfred Zedelmaier -

The world is a network full of positive and exciting people, with unique life paths and experiences. We just need to get to know and support each other!

- anonym -

I was skeptical at first, often stressed before the weekly meeting, but always very grateful and happy afterwards!

- Anna-Lena Müller -


What exactly is Working Out Loud (WOL)?

Working Out Loud, or WOL for short, represents an outward-looking, collaborative way of working and informal learning within networks. In addition, WOL stands for an open, participative attitude to working together transparently and supportively in networks, and learning from and with each other. The Working Out Loud Circle method enables you to work and learn in this way and to develop the necessary attitude. This is a peer-coaching programme in which the participants get together in so-called WOL Circles, consisting of four to five people, achieve a self-chosen learning goal over twelve weeks and solve various tasks together.

WOL is based on five key elements: 1. Relationships, 2. Visible Work, 3. Generosity, 4. Growth Mindset, 5. Purposeful Discovery.

If you’d like to learn how to network in a structured and targeted way and become more confident in using networking and collaboration platforms, WOL is almost without alternative, even in a corporate context.

How does WOL #FrauenStärken work?

In addition to participating in a Working Out Loud Circle, there are several other elements to WOL #FrauenStärken #GrowingTogether. Every week, as well as the Circle Guides adapted to our theme, we show a video from one of our role models about one of the “We” qualities.

Over the twelve weeks, we meet four times for a joint live event. In our community, you can also network, exchange and support each other between the individual events and Circle meetings. And there will be lots of optional

What you get out of it:
  • You work on your goal in a structured way for 12 weeks
  • You use the power of the community and your WOL Circle to reach your goal 
  • You gain new perspectives on your life
  • You gain clear insights into new career paths
  • You learn to focus and develop your inner strength
  • You get valuable contacts to great people 
  • You explore “We” qualities in-depth #FrauenStärken 
  • You develop personally and with us #GrowingTogether
Is WOL #FrauenStärken something for you?

Throughout our lives, we have always had opportunities and supporters, people who believed in us and trusted us. And we would like to share these opportunities and the support we have received. This is the root of our personal definition of Working Out Loud (WOL). It’s a programme for self-learning within the network that helps individuals to achieve inner growth. It’s also a programme to make one’s own potential visible. In light of the difficult times that we are all living through, we want to help those who would like to become (more) visible and (more) networked with our special WOL programme #FrauenStärken.

Wed love to hear from you!



WOL #FrauenStärken is backed by a strong team

A strong initiative needs a strong team. WOL #FrauenStärken #GemeinsamWachsen wouldn’t be possible without the many ideas and commitment from the following people:

  • Birgit Permantier
  • Jeannette Böcker
  • Jens Wiemann
  • Julia von Winterfeldt
  • Katharina Krentz
  • Monika Struzek
  • Sandra Glück
  • Tobias Grewe
  • Sophie Rickmann

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