Connecting Humans Sichtbarkeit

Sichtbar sein bedeutet, die eigene Persönlichkeit zu zeigen, um anderen zu helfen, selbst zu wachsen und sich immer weiterzuentwickeln – egal, ob privat oder beruflich.



Being visible means showing one’s own personality in order to help others, to grow oneself and to always develop oneself further – whether privately or professionally. Visibility offers the possibility of one’s own positioning in the digital space, especially in social networks. In today’s age of digitization and globalization, expertism shows itself in different facets: personal branding and corporate influencing make this visible and promote the networking of people, society and business for more knowledge exchange, genuine participation and mutual support.

The main difference is that the visibility in personal branding is the person himself with his specific positioning. Corporate influencing, on the other hand, is dominated by the connection and identification with the employer, the organization or the company.

We are convinced that these topics will become even more important and that there is great potential in them, if they are used correctly.