My name is Katharina Krentz – Katha for short.

I am the one who stepped out of line as a humble assistant in the corporate world. I established and popularised the then still unknown programme “Working Out Loud” (WOL) to such an extent that it is now recognised throughout Germany, and even further afield! At the time, I made a conscious decision to follow a new path, one that I hadn’t planned. A first for me.

Many people assume that it has been a piece of cake for me to overcome all the obstacles in my life. But that’s not true. My path has been rocky, difficult and long – but nevertheless worthwhile, because it has led me to myself. And this is in no small part thanks to my companions and their many talents and skills that enrich my life and work. To have a network and be connected to others, to become visible and to grow internally – that was and still is my driving force. Because I know what it’s like to stand in the second row and not be seen or heard. Above all, I am courageous when I am together with others – and successful. To this day.

Connecting Humans – Better Together.

This is my story. It has evolved over the last few months, through collaboration with my coach Stefanie Zeep and the wonderful story designer Teresa Werner. Everything I do is based on my story: what makes me tick, what drives me, why I do the things the way I do.

I hope this has given you an insight into the real Katha.

What’s your story?

The real Katha Krentz

Be connected. Be visible. Achieve everything together.

What do you do when you feel insecure? I defined myself through a supposedly perfect performance and my own achievements. Before my career at Bosch, I was often a frantic conformist. I wanted everything, but I never wanted to stand out or step out of line. I just wanted to be liked!

Higher, faster, farther – despite the recognition, the applause, the oh-so-many compliments and project enquiries, I always wanted to go one step further. But in the end, these steps ended up taking me further and further away from myself.

I now realise that I instinctively wanted to protect my inner self, to distract from my own insecurities. I tended to keep other people at a distance and I always had an exit strategy. After all, I could get hurt, or be disappointed or abandoned.