40 over 40

Germany's most inspiring women (and me)

What wonderful news to receive and on #Weltfrauentag #IWD2021 #InternationalWomensDay of all days! To be recognised alongside 39 women who I admire and who inspire me so much is an absolute honour.

A massive thank you to F10 FemaleOneZero & the great jury for this accolade!


#fof21 #F10 #FemaleOneZero

However, this success crowns a long, not exactly easy path that I could never have taken alone. So many of my companions were much more than just companions: they were facilitators, door openers and all-round good souls. The fact that I am on this list and that my work has been recognised in this appreciative way is a team success. First and foremost, of course, a #WOL #FrauenStärken team effort: Moni, Jeannette, Sandra, Mara & John – T H A N K  Y O U !!! You know that without you I would have never received this award.

I am very courageous, that’s true: I’ve also always been able to be courageous thanks to all the fabulous people in my life who support me, encourage me, challenge me, believe in me and really get behind me. Now I’m alone in the limelight and I don’t really feel comfortable with it – especially since I’m currently going through a big life change, and although I’ve received this coveted F10 FemaleOneZero recognition, I’m also in a very vulnerable place at the same time.

HOWEVER: I want others to feel courageous as well and to be inspired by this recognition. To be able to walk their path towards themselves, towards their potential, like I am doing. And I hope that they receive the same level of support that I do. So that we can all self-actualise.

Please let’s be there for each other: ONLY IN THIS WAY can we develop our individual talents and skills, which always greatly enrich my life and my work. And in a strong, diverse network we can achieve anything together!

#BetterTogether #StrongerTogether #WOL #FrauenStärken #ConnectingHumans #DiversityMatters #FemaleEmpowerment

Congratulations to all the incredibly inspiring, fascinating, impressive and courageous women all over the world. And today especially to the other winners:

Maja Göpel, Vera Schneevoigt, Monika Schnitzer, Jutta Allmendinger, Özlem Türeci, Antje von Dewitz, Alena Buyx, Katarina Barley, Katja Berlin, Dunja Hayali, Claudia Kemfert, Simone Menne, Düzen Tekkal, Mia Florentine Weiss, Victoria Ossadnik, Tuesday Porter, Anika Decker, Annalena Baerbock, Wiebke Ankersen, Ursula Gather, Kenza Si Ait Abbou Lyadini, Tanja Wielgoß, Claudia Kessler, Andrea Martin, Miriam Meckel, Tupoka Ogette, Marylyn Addo, Maria Furtwängler, Anja Hendel, Christine Regitz, Anastasia Beifang, Natalia Wörner, Kristina Hänel, Ursula von der Leyen, Jagoda Marinic, Carolin Kebekus, Saskia Bruysten, Nicola Breyer, Annette Ramelsberger.