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Can we create something that’s bigger than ourselves?

Yes, we can! The world of work is changing in terms of opportunities – and the opportunities are where we join forces with each other. And where is that exactly? That’s what we’ll show you. At Connecting Humans, we help you to build diverse, strong and active relationships and networks, enabling an interconnected way of collaboration, leadership and learning. #BetterTogether

Why we talk about “we” on this website

At Connecting Humans, we’re in the same constant flux as you are. The only difference is that we’re perhaps a little more trained and more experienced – or should we perhaps say more interconnected? Networking is at the core of everything we do; it’s a solution in a complex – and interconnected – world. Why not join us?


The changing world of work

A focus on enabling people

Three topics on three levels: without networking, this wouldn’t be possible for us. And what about you? How many topics and levels are you juggling? Our three topics are interconnected work, interconnected leadership and interconnected learning – and we work on each of these on three levels: toolset, skillset and mindset. But it’s not only us at Connecting Humans who work on our topics on these three levels – unconsciously, all of us do this.




We are convinced that change consists of these three topics on these three levels. A change towards more networking means economic and human growth, and interpersonal and technically interconnected work is fun! And that’s exactly how it should be. Only then can we also recognise change as an opportunity – and experiment openly and curiously with alternative organisational forms, new spaces, different tools and modern methods.


We must want to WOL!

New ideas and solutions

We created Connecting Humans because we’ve experienced first-hand how human networking works and how important it is for the future in our complex and interconnected world. Working Out Loud (WOL) stands for transparent, open cooperation in diverse networks, and it’s considered a strategy for success. WOL promotes an open attitude with a willingness to learn, personal networking and appreciative communication at eye level.

Within the network, the valuable knowledge and experience of each individual spreads and leads to new ideas and creative problem solving, which in turn helps everyone. And vice versa – just like the three musketeers: all for one, and one for all! So, which individual WOL methods can help you to learn and experience this? How can you anchor these methods strategically in your organisation and use them effectively to develop WOL skills and the WOL mindset? And how can both individuals and organisations benefit from the methods?


WOL-Special: #FrauenStärken (Female Empowerment)

For a strong, shared "we"

12 weeks of #GrowingTogether? This is what we offer in our programme Working Out Loud #FrauenStärken! We believe that humanity needs a strong, shared WE to effectively manage all the challenges that lie ahead.

We all want to grow, develop, make a contribution and be part of a meaningful (hi)story. Regardless of gender – regardless of whether in our private lives or professionally. A strong “I” is needed for a strong “we”.
To this end, we will continue to expand the #FrauenStärken movement and make it as accessible as possible to all those who want to develop personally and become involved with the community.


Katharina, thank you for driving the WOL initiative within our global #bethechangeweek at Philips! I highly appreciate your contribution to this week – you’ve showed our employees from all over the world how WOL can contribute to their personal goals and your open and inspiring personality motivated many of them to directly take the next step and participate for a circle. I am very happy for everyone who could join the session and will now experience even more benefits from WOL. Hosting the session with your personal passion was a role model example of collaboration and ideation! Hope to see you soon!

Annika Schneemeier

HR-Manager @ Philips & Systemic Coach

Katha is passionate about leadership, collaboration and learning. Her expertise, enthusiasm and creativity is second to none. And this is how she makes the topic of New Work accessible as well as tangible. I had the pleasure of interviewing Katha about community building and management for the Tatendrang podcast, in which she shares her experiences, success factors and challenges openly, transparently and concisely. I have known Katha since 2019 and have heard her speaking in various workshops, presentations and podcasts. I find her pragmatic and goal-oriented approach enthralling. Thank you, dear Katha, for your commitment and your passion.

Julia Schleidt

Digital Leadership Training & Coaching

In order to advance #NewWork and #WOL at Sanofi, we invited Katharina Krentz to come and give a presentation, so we could learn more about the success of #WOL at Bosch.
It was simply ⭐ AMAZING: great energy, succinct, very well prepared and all participants were immediately captivated. And via Zoom! It’s hard to imagine what it must be like to see Katharina Krentz live. 👀 An extraordinary, authentic and great speaker! I would have loved to have seen more. I would love to do repeat what we did and bring #New Work and #WOL and the topic of networking and collaboration in general to all areas of our company. DANKE GRAZIE MERCI 🙏

Cristina Iannazzo

Frankfurt, Hessen, Deutschland

We witnessed Katharina’s power 💪🏼 first-hand at an event and subsequently hired her for our project. From the conception and implementation to the follow-up of the digital workshop, which all focused on digital networking 👩‍💻 and on WOL, everything was top-notch👏. She exuded passion and drive at all stages of our collaboration. We’re already looking forward to more exciting encounters with her!

Dr. Melanie Seidenglanz

Bildung — Wissenstransfer — Innovation

I met Katharina as part of our Working Out Loud initiative we did at Koller+Schwemmer. She adopted the Working Out Loud circle program to our needs and guided us through the 12 weeks with a lot of commitment and enthusiasm. With the result that the sentiment and cohesion within the workforce as well as the direct exchange across departmental boundaries and hierarchies improved considerably. Thanks to her progressive approach and way of thinking, I consider her to be one of the thought leaders at Bosch.

Adrian Kaschube

CFO / Geschäftsführer

Katharina Krentz really inspired the executives at Bayerischer Rundfunk with her talk on “Digital Transformation, New Work and the Working Out Loud #wol Method”. Thank you!

Katrin Poetzsch

bei Bayerischer Rundfunk

Katharina is very open, has an extremely professional demeanour and is an excellent listener. It simply feels good when Katharina is in the room. She connects different perspectives, people and positions in order to create a new, bigger picture.

Nadja Petranovskaja

More shiny eyes

In her keynote speech “WOL – Building an Agile Mindset”, Katharina shared with us her experience of Working Out Loud in the context of agile transformation. Her presentation was captivating, eloquent and really “spoke” to the audience. I personally appreciated the fact that Katharina reacted flexibly to our orientation of the keynote and that her competence and experience in the topics of New Work, Agility and Enabling People were apparent for all to see. Preparatory dealings with Katharina were great and uncomplicated. The keynote was held digitally.

Susanne Kastrup

Compliance Officer bei SIGNAL IDUNA Gruppe

We invited Katharina Krentz to be a keynote speaker at an event for 70 executives – most of whom didn’t know Katharina Krentz or WOL beforehand. Their feedback was characterised by superlatives and included the words “exceptional” and “inspiring”. What was special about the keynote was the fact that it contained a fundamentally different way of looking at leadership, and thus set a strong impulse that not only had a significant and positive impact on the event itself, but also on the long term. What Katharina can do with her words and her charisma is truly unique and special. I have known Katharina Krentz since 2018 and have met her at numerous presentations, workshops, etc. From the very start, I was inspired by her charisma, presence and approachability. She has a competence in WOL that is close to genius, excellent know-how on effective cooperation and leadership, and she knows how to implement this with a lot of empathy and sympathy in a future-oriented way. She is a different-thinking doer and shaper – disciplined and inspiring with a strong personality! I recommend Katharina Krentz with complete and utter confidence.

Margarete Jäger

CEO, Head of HR, Autorin Futureskills for Leadership

Katharina Krentz introduced us to WOL in a fresh and creative way on our Digital Campus at Sanofi. Her inspiration was palpable, and initial feedback from participants was unequivocal. We can’t wait for the next Circles! Does the term “Innovista” already exist? If not, Katha definitely should be labelled as such!

Frank Rusko

Diversity & Inclusion Lead GSA/DACH



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