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Rebels at Work Session

@ SAP Walldorf

I love people who are open-minded and bold, people who challenge conditions, habits and processes, people who really drive change – not for their own career or ego, just because they believe in their company and the future.

Therefor on Monday was a very special day for me: Anja Förster’s & Peter Kreuz’Rebels at Work” initiative took place at SAP in Walldorf, hosted by their head of HR Cawa Younosi.

It was a blast!

Cawa as always was very inspiring and shared openly his strategies on how to change HR and the company, how to move things forward, how to lead in difficult times and how to be a role model for transformation.

Once again I thought about applying for a job at SAP – I might sound like a groupie, but I’m inspired by such stories from people with unusual CVs and backgrounds, who really DO things instead of just TALKING about them. I’d wish to see more leaders out there who follow this example, which means they know how important it is to walk the talk, to inspire others and to take themselves not so seriously, so not only showing the professional, polished bright side of their public personality.

Cawa Younosi brought it to the point: “Put truth before majority before the hierarchy” followed by: “Companies need to learn to promote non-linear CVs, characters, allow diversity and to give them space instead of ironing them out”

Another highlight were the 5 x 5 min talks from corporate rebels: Bernhard Schmidt, Peter Turi, Jan-Erik Stelz, Antonia Zorn. We shared very personal stories about how we drive change, how we change personally and what our recommendations are to do it even better.

A special thanks to Leonie Dietterle and Mareike Arbesmann for your great work!

I’ve very much enjoyed the exchange with other rebels!

I’ve so much enjoyed to learn from the other rebels and their work!

It felt so good to take the time for this event, representing my own work, experience and business!

I can highly recommend events like this: bringing together the “rebels”, fostering that they connect to others to get support, learn from each other and encourage each other.

To all companies out there: don’t be afraid of diversity and let people bring their whole self to work, because this drives creativity, innovation and change! You want people to take responsibility and go for self-organization in the workforce? Then let them develop, grow and shine – and give them time and money to join such events. That’s a great incentive, a strong signal to your organization, a wonderful gift for your rebels. A lot of the participants I’ve met take one day off and pay the ticket privately.

Read more about this event here from Peter Kreuz, Anja Förster, Cawa Younosi and Christian Wehner.

Thanks for this inspiring day Anja & Peter and please, go on like this! I’m a big fan of your work!