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Thanks to YOU!

I've been accepted for the Talentpool

My dear LinkedIn network,

on May 24th I’ve asked you for help to supporting me and my application for the talent pool. I’ve passed the interview with HR and a line manager before, but I needed to take a video for the upcoming Potential Validation Meeting (PVM) with other managers from the Bosch IT organization, which might don’t know me. And for taking this video I needed to answer the questions:

  1. What is my value added for Bosch? What do I offer?
  2. And why should I be chosen for the talentpool?

And thanks to YOU and your wonderful feedback I was able to answer them. And it felt good. And I felt safe to answer them. Because I totally trust in YOU! So yes, I’ve made it to the talent pool, starting on July 1st, 2019  

Here you can see the final video for my application: Link to Dropbox video

I’m sorry, but it is in German language and without subtitles. But I’ve send it together with the link to the both posts (one here via LinkedIn, one internal post on our ESN) and your comments to the decision board.

I don’t want to put it on YouTube, because it is very personal and maybe not value adding for others. But I want to share with you the final result, because you made it happen! Without your input I would still ask myself, what to say and if I am really beneficial for our organization.

For me this process was really tough and I hope I don’t need to do something like that in the near future again. I’m not good in selling myself and answering questions in an interview style from people I’ve never met before, and which have the power to decide, if I’m qualified or not. But I am good in what I currently do and I believe I can do more, especially with the support of such a great, diverse network. 

T H A N K  Y O U so much for your support. Thanks for having the courage to give me such open feedback, on a professional and a personal level. I’ve recognized that this wasn’t easy for some of you!

I’ve asked the same two questions internally and externally to my networks. I’ve received >150 comments from Friday afternoon until Wednesday, > 3.500 clicks internally, >23.000 clicks here on LinkedIn. This is the power of networks I’m always talking about. The ability to build and grow such networks, to get so many clicks and replies — that is an important capability in the digital age. This works as well with other questions, so yes, this strong network can be used for different topics! So if you need anything, let me know — with the support of such networks almost everything is possible!

I was overwhelmed, happy, touched, excited, proud and much more while reading your comments again and again and again. I guess I’ve read them now about 20 times. And I’m still thinking of how to re-use them, definitely as a quick link for bad days, if I need some sunshine 🙂

I’m proud to knowing you, to working with you and to being part of your network!  



Special thanks to: Anja Rubik – for taking this amazing video: